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   Lilly Barrack has been an artist since birth. European born, her father, an engineer, and her artistic mother always exposed young Lilly to art throughout her childhood. Lilly attended Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas with a focus in Art. Following her studies, Lilly and her husband traveled extensively through Africa, Greece and Europe. Her love of gemstones in their natural form and hand-forged silversmithing has given her designs a free spirited effect and a prominent place in sculptural jewelry. Residing in New Mexico, Lilly continues to impress jewelry collectors with her indomitable spirit and creative genius.


   Now a world-renowned artist, Lilly Barrack creates designer jewelry for everyday wear. For the past 25 years she has been designing and crafting jewelry for the enjoyment of her loyal following. Each Lilly piece is individually handmade at her studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her pieces are forged from distinctive, heavy gauge .925 American Sterling Silver with solid 14kt Gold accents for a strong splash of bronze coloring and durability. Every stone is handpicked in order to ensure every piece is truly unique and set apart from the rest.


   Because each piece at Lilly Barrack is handcrafted, not cast like most jewelry, our Manufacturing office uses less chemicals, less machines and more people to hand make our unique designs. The reclaimed silver material used is from post-consumer sources instead of silver mines. Last, every single step of our jewelry production is in Albuquerque, NM, strengthening our state economy and our nation’s economy as a whole.


   Lilly Barrack’s Manufacturing has been participating in trade shows for the past 9 years under the title description of Handmade Jewelry. We have been selling wholesale at the New York International Gift Show, Philadelphia Buyers’ Market, as well as the Accessories Show in New York and Las Vegas.